Our History

Little Munchkins Preschool Center owner, Sachelle Fidler, started her preschool in September 2005. She began her journey in childcare by working in the industry for other daycare centers in the Fredericton area. It was while working those jobs that she discovered her love for teaching children and her dream of owning and operating her own center. After earning her Teachers Assistant and Early Childhood Education diplomas (graduating with honors), Sachelle began Little Munchkins Preschool Center in her home with a small group of children.

Four years later, the demand was such that it presented the opportunity to build a beautiful new center in the fall of 2009. The new center officially opened its doors in January 2010. Today, Little Munchkins Preschool Center is proud to have a team of specialized staff, wonderful families and children excited to learn new things.

Watching children grow and flourish developmentally was the inspiration for Little Munchkins. The entire team strongly believes that by creating an environment where friendships are cherished, a sense of wonder is created and children are welcome to explore new discoveries, children can develop the eventual basics to lifelong learning. The Little Munchkins team strives to achieve this by attending professional development seminars, researching new techniques, providing resources for staff & parents, networking with other educators who share similar values, and by getting involved with the Early Childhood Care Education of New Brunswick board.