Our Purpose

Our purpose for being each day…

“To Create & Instill a Love of Life, a Love for Others & a Love of Learning“
Parents bring their children to Little Munchkins for several reasons. As employees of Little Munchkins, we come to work for one thing; to Create and Instill a Love of Life, a Love for others and a Love of Learning in our children each and every day. This purpose is experienced and felt by all the children at Little Munchkins, as well as their families. This is our purpose, our reason for being.

Our Mission

Our mission each day is to…

“To build a foundation for learning that will enable us to be life-long learners. To give opportunities to explore and discover the world around us that will develop a sense of wonder and respect for our environment. To foster meaningful relationships that will encourage empathy and an understanding that we are all created unique in our own special way.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to...

“To create a welcoming environment where a sense of community is established, and to be a resource for those around us.”