Our morning and all day Preschool programs focuses on play based experiential learning. This natural environment sparks curiosity and wonder and is filled with discovery.

Scores of Studies show that natural environments heighten mental activity, diminish stress, and even speeds physical healing. There is even evidence that nature’s ever changing cycles- full of visual, olfactory, and physical complexity- can increase intelligence. Children in complex, constantly changing environments show an increase in the number and complexity of the neurological connections in their brains, they become smarter. (A Child’s Garden by Molly Dannenmaier page 12)

Here at Little Munchkins Preschool Center children achieve this through various mediums;  Gathering Area (giving  a chance for children to share, foster friendships and introduce languages through Jolly Phonics and French Components), Building Center (different sizes, shapes and materials helps a child’s mind to explore the endless opportunities of building), Cozy Area (allows a child to get away from the group to rest or read comfortably), Science Center (where there are sensory discoveries and things from the natural world), Communication Center (where a child has an opportunity to progress  and is provided with the materials needed to learn and practice every day letters and words), Games Center (where a child can engage their lively mind by putting together, taking apart, taking turns and using patience), House Center (where a house structure has been placed to help children’s’ imaginations) Art Room (providing children always with materials to express themselves and spark creativity).

This holistic approach encompasses individual intellectual growth through developing the mind, body and spirit. We believe to Create and Instill a Love of Life a Love for Others and a Love of Learning will build the foundation for children enrolled in our program to be lifelong learners, and give them the skills they require to be successful.

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