Little Munchkins

Little Munchkins is an agency licensed by the province of New Brunswick that focuses on play based experiential learning, and incorporates the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework into our everyday practices.

Our Infant, Toddler, and Preschool programs offer families in our community a rich learning environment that feels like home and we are proud to offer families in our community the Maritime’s FIRST Nature Explore Certified Outdoor Classroom!


Infant & Toddler

At Little Munchkins we offer a unique full-time program for infants and toddlers. Our nursery section ranges from 6 months to 24 months and our toddler room is for our busy two year olds.

We provide them the encouragement they require to be independent, while giving them the stable routine they need.Their environment is filled with opportunities that will tickle their senses, spark curiosity and enable them to achieve developmental milestones. We encourage daily outdoor exploration where they can develop a sense of wonder and love for the outdoors in our certified Nature Explore playground.Some activities your infant and toddler will engage in while at Little Munchkins are, water play, painting, reading, singing, dancing, storytelling, and sensory play.



Our full time Preschool program is for ages three and four and provides a space where we encourage and teach independence while providing open ended invitations that peek children’s curiosity and spark their learning. In our Preschool program we aim to foster well rounded children who have mastered all the skills necessary to move on to School and who have developed a love for life, nature and learning!

Here the children  will have the opportunity to explore and engage in the world around them indoors and out through various mediums within our facility as well as in our Nature Certified Outdoor Classroom.


Centers the children will be able to explore include (but are not limited to):

  • A Gathering Area -giving a chance for children to share, foster friendships and introduce a community of diversity.
  • Building Center -different sizes, shapes and materials helps a child’s mind to explore the endless opportunities of building.
  • Cozy Area -allows a child to get away from the group to rest or read comfortably.
  • Science/Sensory Center -where there are sensory discoveries and things from the natural world.
  • Communication Center -where a child has an opportunity to progress and is provided with the materials needed to learn and practice every day letters and words.
  • Games Center -where a child can engage their lively mind by putting together, taking apart, taking turns and using patience.
  • House Center -where children can use their imagination playing dress up, pretend cooking in the kitchen or looking after their baby dolls.
  • Art Center– providing children always with materials to express themselves and spark Creativity.